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Hats off!

Hats off to Anna Holden! An agent of change in the world. She is a wife, mother, athlete, globe-trotter, animal lover, artist, writer, creator of social change. She takes my breath away! What’s up this week?
Anna founded an online charity, The Isthmian Gallery, who’s mission is to empower young artists to use their creations to better the world. How does that work? Student artists donate works to the gallery where they are purchased by bidders. The artist names a favorite charity that will receive 85% of the money. (The other 15% goes to run the website.) Purchased work goes into an archive.
Details at This past weekend Anna created and manned a booth at the East Hampton (CT) Old Home Days. Passerbys were invited to paint on a large canvas…The result was documented on a youtube video, The art will be auctioned off on the gallery website and the proceeds will be donated to the East Hampton Food Bank (chosen by ballot of the people who visited the booth.) Win, win, win. Anna dreams BIG dreams and dedicates her energy to makes the world a better place. You rock, Anna!

Take Time to Be the Roses

Celebrating the philosophy that your thoughts define your reality. So, dream beautiful dreams and create a beautiful reality. You carry the power within you.
This is a work in progress…. mixed media with more layers to follow.

this is so my anguish…..
do you feel this way?
women wear so many hats: some self-selected; some thrust upon them.
we are so critical of ourselves.
why can’t we celebrate our success?
I have watched the trailers for Lost in Living and find it reminiscent of Who Does She Think She Is? (my favorite movie)
two fine films that acknowledge the pull of forces on women artists and creative types vs the Shoulds of Life….
Am I home making art? no, I’m sitting in a parking lot of an abandoned air force base listening to my son’s band practicing across the field, watching jumbo jets take off and land, take off and land, because they train pilots here, and avoiding my mother in a hospital room
half a mile away because she was crying that it wasn’t her room and she didn’t know the people in the pictures, or recognize her bed.
I decided she might sleep if I left and I had been there for two hours so…… I left her. Never feel good about that. Rarely feel good about much. One more hour of practice and then the sixty-mile ride home.
Running as fast as I can, but most days it’s not fast enough.



So….ten weeks of Ceramics and the vessel I like most was this one. I planned it to be full of contrasts: dark and light, linear and curvilinear, a triangle and a circle,
textured and smooth. I was satisfied with it. Satisfied enough. Thank you, Daphne, for suggesting the triangular base which lifted it to a higher level.


A new focus has come to me….. I have so many mediums that I love. I have decided to create a body of work unified by theme. I chose “Vessel” because it is so rich in meaning and lends itself to my work in many ways.
So for the next few months, I will focus my work on the concepts of vessels and their relevance to life. Rich in unexpected ways….. so here’s a photo for inspiration! Vessel……from the study of botany….basically the conducting structures of xylem…. Lovely image….credits to Grant Heilman from Encyclopedia Britannica…..

off again……..

I am lucky. I had a chance to meet wonderful, brilliant, creative people and intersect with their lives for a brief time. That time is over now and new beginnings abound. There is turmoil over the health of a family member in my life right now. Things are bumpy. So for a diversion, I called my brilliant, creative friend who I haven’t seen in weeks. It went to voicemail. Disappointment……..but her message ended with this phrase, “Walk in Peace.” Just what I needed to hear today. Thank you, Rebekah, I think I’ll make that my mantra in this trying time. Walk in Peace….and now I’ll send you all the peace of the river…… Enjoy this beauty. Tomorrow will be better……Walk in Peace.


For a while now, my cell phone has not worked. At first I dreamed of a new phone with all the bells and whistles. Then I began to rethink the cell phone culture. No matter where we are, if our phone is with us, we are not alone. Constant contact with our friends and family… unlimited answers to all our questions…maps, music, photos, games…. our phones have it all. Seems ideal? I think not. My phone has worked so poorly, I’ve been virtually phone-free. It has caused me to step back and rethink the pleasures of technology. What I notice is sad and hurtful. We may be in proximity of others (friends or family or strangers) but with our attention on our tiny devices, we are not present in our life. Sobering really. If you spend an hour with a loved one, but you were texting/im-ing/surfing the web, were you there at all? It has caused me to read about the phenomena of ATTENTION. What a complex issue. I may think more about this on another day, but today I am suggesting that you read this article. Take the time. Be present. Pay attention. Time is not infinite. The way you choose to spend the minutes of your life is all you have.

Starting over…..

Good bye to Google…. they usurped my former blog. So I am starting over….So we turn the corner past the winter solstice.  Slowly, the days will grow longer… one minute at a time as we crawl toward spring. Syracuse was spared of snow for most of December. Uncomfortable….finally today the drought broke and we have several inches…. let winter begin.. all things in their season. So thank you to WordPress…. I am starting over….