For a while now, my cell phone has not worked. At first I dreamed of a new phone with all the bells and whistles. Then I began to rethink the cell phone culture. No matter where we are, if our phone is with us, we are not alone. Constant contact with our friends and family… unlimited answers to all our questions…maps, music, photos, games…. our phones have it all. Seems ideal? I think not. My phone has worked so poorly, I’ve been virtually phone-free. It has caused me to step back and rethink the pleasures of technology. What I notice is sad and hurtful. We may be in proximity of others (friends or family or strangers) but with our attention on our tiny devices, we are not present in our life. Sobering really. If you spend an hour with a loved one, but you were texting/im-ing/surfing the web, were you there at all? It has caused me to read about the phenomena of ATTENTION. What a complex issue. I may think more about this on another day, but today I am suggesting that you read this article. Take the time. Be present. Pay attention. Time is not infinite. The way you choose to spend the minutes of your life is all you have.