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A new focus has come to me….. I have so many mediums that I love. I have decided to create a body of work unified by theme. I chose “Vessel” because it is so rich in meaning and lends itself to my work in many ways.
So for the next few months, I will focus my work on the concepts of vessels and their relevance to life. Rich in unexpected ways….. so here’s a photo for inspiration! Vessel……from the study of botany….basically the conducting structures of xylem…. Lovely image….credits to Grant Heilman from Encyclopedia Britannica…..

off again……..


I am lucky. I had a chance to meet wonderful, brilliant, creative people and intersect with their lives for a brief time. That time is over now and new beginnings abound. There is turmoil over the health of a family member in my life right now. Things are bumpy. So for a diversion, I called my brilliant, creative friend who I haven’t seen in weeks. It went to voicemail. Disappointment……..but her message ended with this phrase, “Walk in Peace.” Just what I needed to hear today. Thank you, Rebekah, I think I’ll make that my mantra in this trying time. Walk in Peace….and now I’ll send you all the peace of the river…… Enjoy this beauty. Tomorrow will be better……Walk in Peace.