Hats off to Anna Holden! An agent of change in the world. She is a wife, mother, athlete, globe-trotter, animal lover, artist, writer, creator of social change. She takes my breath away! What’s up this week?
Anna founded an online charity, The Isthmian Gallery, who’s mission is to empower young artists to use their creations to better the world. How does that work? Student artists donate works to the gallery where they are purchased by bidders. The artist names a favorite charity that will receive 85% of the money. (The other 15% goes to run the website.) Purchased work goes into an archive.
Details at http://www.theisgallery.org. This past weekend Anna created and manned a booth at the East Hampton (CT) Old Home Days. Passerbys were invited to paint on a large canvas…The result was documented on a youtube video, https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=aWf1TrFITO0. The art will be auctioned off on the gallery website and the proceeds will be donated to the East Hampton Food Bank (chosen by ballot of the people who visited the booth.) Win, win, win. Anna dreams BIG dreams and dedicates her energy to makes the world a better place. You rock, Anna!