this is so my anguish…..
do you feel this way?
women wear so many hats: some self-selected; some thrust upon them.
we are so critical of ourselves.
why can’t we celebrate our success?
I have watched the trailers for Lost in Living and find it reminiscent of Who Does She Think She Is? (my favorite movie)
two fine films that acknowledge the pull of forces on women artists and creative types vs the Shoulds of Life….
Am I home making art? no, I’m sitting in a parking lot of an abandoned air force base listening to my son’s band practicing across the field, watching jumbo jets take off and land, take off and land, because they train pilots here, and avoiding my mother in a hospital room
half a mile away because she was crying that it wasn’t her room and she didn’t know the people in the pictures, or recognize her bed.
I decided she might sleep if I left and I had been there for two hours so…… I left her. Never feel good about that. Rarely feel good about much. One more hour of practice and then the sixty-mile ride home.
Running as fast as I can, but most days it’s not fast enough.